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View your tickets and make any changes you need to your booking

Make changes to your booking

To manage your booking you can simply log in or register with My Account. If you have purchased a ticket but do not have an account with us yet, you can register for an account using the same email address you used to purchase your ticket to view your ticket or make an amendment.
Manage your booking in My Account

Sign up to My Account for the following benefits...

No booking fee with My Account

Save £1.50 on your ticket purchase

View tickets

Check your past or upcoming journeys

Personalise your journey

Reserve your favourite seat or add extra luggage

Amend travel

Make amendments to your journey with ease

Checkout faster

We’ll securely save your details

Manage preferences

Great offers when you sign up to our mailing list

How to amend your ticket

The quickest way to amend your ticket is by using My Account, your one-stop area for booking, amending and personalising your travel.

For further information on amending tickets, please visit our refunds & amendments page.

How to get a refund

Claims for refunds can also be made through My Account with your ticket cancelled no later than 24 hours before your original outward journey.

For more information on our process of refunding tickets, as well as certain add-ons, please visit our refunds & amendments page.

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