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Vintage buses part 3: the finale

Throwbacks are not just for Thursday!

Welcome to the third and final instalment of our vintage bus series

We’ve already explored four amazing vehicles and now it’s time to view two more. This week we’ll be getting a closer look at a 34 year old bus that's been restored to its former glory and is still in use even to this day. As well as a 60’s classic that has been made famous after a few appearances on the television show, Car SOS!

We have loved diving into the archives and pulling this series together, and we hope you have enjoyed jumping back in time with us. Remember, throwbacks are not just for Thursdays! Read all of the 3 part series here.

We would also like to say a very big thank you to Tony Hunter and wmbusphotos.com for being on board and helping us make these blogs happen.

MCW Metrobus

Fleet number: 2957
Registration number: D957 NDA)
Status: Currently in use at Wolverhampton garage


This is a MCW Metrobus built in Birmingham with coach seated bodywork for the Timesaver network that was introduced on deregulation in 1986.

This bus was purchased as new in October 1986, and lived at Birmingham Central garage, spending most of its time on the 900 route between Birmingham & Coventry.

It moved to Coventry garage in August 1995 along with the 900 route, but was also used on the 12 route between Coventry and Leamington Spa. The bus moved around several times while in service. It moved again to Acocks Green garage in 2000 following the 900 route, Walsall in October 2001, Acocks Green in May 2002 and back to Birmingham Central in June 2003 - again following the old 900 route!


In July 2003, the 900 route received brand new buses and this vehicle was eventually withdrawn from service. The bus was sold on for further use in October 2003 with operators in Scotland, Hertfordshire and Kent. The bus was then acquired again for preservation in February 2007.

After three different owners, the last owner gave us ownership again in September 2017. Staff at Wolverhampton garage soon restored this bus back to its former glory, and it is now used for various jobs, including private hire and enthusiast days out.


Dennis Trident

Fleet number: 4125
Registration number: Y716 TOH
Status: Currently in service at Walsall garage

This bus was the first Dennis Trident delivered to West Midlands Travel in April 2001. The chassis was built in Guildford, and the body by Alexander Dennis in Falkirk.

When these buses were due for normal withdrawal from service around 2017-2018, it was decided to keep this vehicle as a heritage fleet member. All the other 99 of this batch are now out of passenger use, although five are still in use as training vehicles.

In June 2019, the bus was restored to the livery it carried when new. Then in July 2020 a set of the original seat moquettes were restored inside, giving the bus it’s original interior.

In November 2020 the exhaust system was upgraded to Euro 6 specification, making it as ‘clean’ as any other diesel bus in the fleet. It remains in service at Walsall garage where it has spent its entire life except for a month in 2016, when the bus operated from our Birmingham Central garage.

So there you have it our Throwback Thursday vintage bus series has come to an end. We’re so proud of the history of our company and our buses being an integral part of the West Midlands and Coventry for so long. We’re even more excited to add to this story in the near future.

Through our sustainable travel promise we will be helping tackle climate change in the West Midlands with our Electric buses, Hydrogen buses and assisting Birmingham City Council with it’s Clean Air Zone later this year. The future is looking bright and we’re so glad you can come on this journey with us.

If you have any other images of the vintage buses in our series, we’d love to see them! Join in on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Published: 15th March 2021

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